Things To Know Before Signing Up For The BTO Home Renovation Package

So you have just bought your new BTO / HDB resale flat and want to give it an entire new makeover! Well, before you sign up for a renovation package, there are a few things that you need to know in order to facilitate smooth execution of the designing process. While professional designers and renovation experts can clearly sense your personal needs and requirements after examining your property, you also need to be clear about your expectations and desires, if you want to have a productive relationship with your renovation experts.

So, before proceeding further, ask yourself these few questions:

  • What do you love and what do you hate in your current space?
  • What colors do you love and what colors you really don’t want to see at all?
  • Do you have some picture of an ideal HDB Flat in your mind?
  • Do you want a traditional look or a contemporary look and feel of your home?
  • How you are going to use a particular space?
  • Are there any special needs of yours that you want to be met?
  • And, last but not the least, how much budget you have set aside to accomplish your vision and is that enough?


Well, when it comes to setting a budget for home renovation, people most of the times forget to include additional expenses that might not be covered by a basic renovation package.

The average amount it takes to renovate a typical HDB flat is about $20k-$30k. This amount excludes additional expenses such as the cost of new furniture, lights, curtains, air conditioning and more.

Here is the list of furniture, electronics and additional services that are not included in a basic renovation package:

Cost of lights plus electrician $4000
Cost of curtains $1000
Window grills $500
Air Conditioning $3500
Cement Screeding $1000
Kitchen Appliances $2000
Fridge $1000
Washing Machine $1000
Television $750
Dining Table Set $750
Sofa Set + Coffee Table $1500
Study Table Set $1000
Queen Sized Bed $2000
Total $20,000

The amount still not includes other items such as additional beds for kids room, wardrobes, storage racks, dressing table and bathroom accessories.

How Eight Design Studio helps avoid this hassle?

At Eight Design Studio, we strive to create a transparent relationship with our clients and, therefore, we advise everyone to discuss all their requirements beforehand to avoid any miscommunication. While all the packages are subject to future changes depending upon your additional requirements, we follow a flexible approach to remove the majority of complexities involved in the renovation process.

Our Renovation Packages Cover Everything you Need!

HDB Renovation packages aren’t one-size-fits-all solution and the actual cost depends entirely upon your expectations with your BTO/HDB resale flat. We offer customized and flexible renovation packages that align with the needs of homeowners. Moreover, these are priced reasonably and fit within the budget of our clients.

Before quoting the price and signing the contract, we do actual measurements of your home and submit a plan for approval, which includes what needs to be added or removed from your current space. You can shortlist the number of items from the plan you want to see in the final space and we set the quotations accordingly.

Confirming things beforehand prevents renovation work delays and helps us maintain a sound relationship with our clients.