Things You Need To Know Before Signing Up For The Landed Renovation Package

Having a landing property in Singapore is a dream of almost every person. However, one thing that can let you down is the cost associated with its renovation. An average Singaporean spends almost $255k on landed property renovations, with the highest amounting to $1.5 million. This is what it takes to make your home the way you want it to be. Well, if you really want to remodel your landed property, but have limited budget for this, or if you are not sure about your requirements, look no further than the expert services of a professional Interior design consultancy and renovation firm like Eight Design Studio.

Here are a few things you need to know before hiring renovation contractors:

  1. Know what you want:

    Before speaking with your contractors, it’s always a good idea to spend some time thinking about your requirements. Having a clear picture in mind about what your interiors should look like, what things you don’t want to see, the amenities you want, and so on helps move the renovation process smoothly.

  2. Know what you’ll be paying for:

    What if the project cost exceeds your expectations? What if surplus expenses surpass your job budget? Well, if you don’t want to meet this situation, ask your contractor a free estimate. This estimate breaks down the job budget into labor costs, materials, fees, and so on, which gives you an idea how much it’ going to cost you approximately.

  3. Understanding the job challenges:

    Depending on the architecture of your house, your contractor may come across certain challenges. Discuss those challenges beforehand with your contractors and ask them about their vision for the project. With a trusted renovation firm like Eight Design Studio, you can stay assured that you’ll get creative solutions for your project no matter how challenging it is.

  4. Be aware of contract details:

    A contract includes all the details that you must read thoroughly before the work start. It includes start and completion dates, a description of products and services that are to be provided by the contractor, information on applicable building permits, subcontractor issues, fee payment terms and the consequences of default by either party.

Why you need the help of a professional firm to take care of your landed property renovation work?

The time tested methodologies and strategies of a professional firm address all the critical issues that you might face before or during the landed property renovation process. For example, during the assessment of your home, you may find several glitches such as weak foundation, moisture problems, plumbing leakages, cracks, improper wiring and more. All these factors can add up to the overall cost of renovation. Therefore, if you haven’t set aside a budget that covers all these glitches, you need to reassess your home using the services of a professional firm.

Moreover, only an expert interior designer understands what looks good in your space and what doesn’t. So, if you want a modern look and feel for your landed property, but are having traditional, old age furniture and decorative items, it might not work for you. So, the most important thing before starting renovations is to understand your requirements and stick to a plan that not only fulfils your desire, but meets your budget too.

Eight design studio gives a brand new look to your landed property, while minimizing costs

Eight Design Studio suggests you a plan that makes the most economical sense to you in the long term. We know that instead of putting expensive wallpaper to an entire house, painting the walls with the plastic paint might be a better option, if your budget is not too high.

We are award winning architects who research around and look for the best deals for our clients. Whether it is about the furniture for your bedroom, kids room or fittings for your bathroom, we make best use of your capital. We understand that upfront costs and additional expenses often bother people, who don’t have a clear communication with their contractors. We aim to remove all these gaps by closely working with our clients.

Customized packages based on your needs

We offer customized landed property renovation packages based on your needs. Want to renovate your entire home? We have a comprehensive solution for complete reconstruction. Want to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen only? We cover that too at reasonable prices.

Just contact us for a free consultation or an assessment of your landed property, and we will suggest you a detailed quotation that cover all your interior design needs.