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What are the Home Renovation Trends for the Retirees in 2016?

Most of the times, retirees plan to stay within their current home after their retirement and more than 60% of the population doesn’t plans to move. Such surveys indicate that home renovations are popular even in the down age and it has also become a popular extracurricular activity for the elders.

Another study has revealed that more than 20% of the elderly homeowners prefer to have some kind of upgrades and remodeling in their home to make it friendly and safe for them. Some of these advancements include new faucets, easy to operate appliances, anti slip floor and removing extra furniture. Here are the popular trends in home deigning and renovations that are relevant to retirees and prevalent in Singapore:

  • Appearance of home matters for most of the elderly people. This is the foremost reason why people prefer to have a renovation. Other common reasons for renovations include the increase of efficiency and functionality. None of these people look towards boosting resale value as they love their homes the most!
  • Millennial homeowners came out to be the most enthusiastic renovators in the league. As high as half of the retirees prefer to rework on their home and upgrade the facilities while spending money.
  • Geographical location drives the renovations and thus, it is unlikely that the remodeling of a home is dependent on age. People in the northeast prefer to spend their money on interior upgrades while the population from South and West is more focused on outdoor renovations. Another notable thing is that the least renovated areas a home office, laundry rooms and the basement. The most popular renovation factor is painting the hoarse.
  • Boomers tend to spend more on projects. As high as twice the cost. They are more interested in major and minor renovations.
  • As high as 90% of the adults pay most of the part of the remodeling out of their personal savings and 25% of them use their credit cards and rest 15% might use loan to take up renovations.
  • It is considerable that 80% of the people that want renovations for their home prefer to take professional help. Almost half of them use home renovation services while others opted for special renovations, electricians, plumbers and other individual service providers. Old homeowners are more leaned towards general contractors and rely more on the guidance provided rather than family or friends.
  • Another unfortunate thing is that the biggest challenge for starting a new home renovation was to find the perspective service providers. Majority of people chose services on behalf of recommendations and found difficulty in researching right services as well as material. Finding the financing and stay on budget services is hard and this also affected their decisions many times.

However, the increased use of digital media has helped these retirees to find the best renovation services in Singapore at the tap of keys only!


Tips for restoring and modernizing your old home

Whether you are an owner of home that is 10 years old or 50 years, modernizing your home is a challenging task till the time it is not initiated. Renovations bring modern elements to your home with intricate designs. Giving your home a cosmetic touch can be time consuming but these touches are the only way to modernize and give a fresh vibe to the old looking boring property. Here are some of the easiest and proven tips to upgrade your old home without burning your pocket:

Analyze the current condition of your home and observe what areas seriously need modernization and upgrade. Often times, it happens that old mats and furniture makes us feel like we need renovation more than it is necessary. Check out the floors and walls and if they have holds or choking paints then upgrade them. Concentrate on home rather than possessions.

Modern Detailing:
Flip through your favorite and latest interior décor magazine or consult some interior decorator to give you some inspirations ideas and find some latest home detailing. Even simplest details can switch the way your home looks. Slight upgrades and additions are magical and cost effective as well.

Lighting Check
There are many cases when home lighting fixtures have changes the look of home. Update your ceiling and bathroom fixtures; bring colored lights to modernize the space and this might better the look. Lighting fixture also helps to reduce or remove the presence of natural light in your home so give it a thought! You can bring solar tubes or skylight for darker areas.

Wallpapers, Paints, Floorings, Bathtubs are ignored yet an instant attraction of your home. They should necessarily be chosen to match the current colors or patterns of the walls, and your home might look much better and brighter than you had ever imagined it to be.
Replace the carpet that has worn out, remove the discolored mats, or painting and replace them with some modern styled paintings, paints, wallpapers or art pieces. Your old brick wall might start looking new accent wall with little refurbishing and cleaning. Outdated colors must be removed and try to use neutral colors for long lasting effect. Reface the counters or cabinets to save expenses and yet get a better place to live.

Modernize everything:
If you are tired of looking at the same home then do it for yourself and your family. Uplift the character of your home to enjoy more. If you are looking to sell your home then also do it for others to lure them and get better deals. Basically modernize the looks to boost the appeal of your home, what so ever is the reason. Make your home safer, brighter and better for the inhabitants and guests.
These tips have been cited by the interior decorator experts. You can further add your touch and add personalized style to your place with these simple ideas.


Style your home with the best in Industry Interior Decorators

Designing and decorating your home, or remodeling a space is an art that requires masters. It not only requires technical understanding and an eye for designs but also knowledge of space and resource management. In case, you are planning to renovate your home or workplace, you will surely needs some guidance and creative ideas from interior decorators that might prove to be of great help. These guys are sure to add creativity, functionality, innovations and drama to the basic décor and designs.
The interior decoration industry is expanding at a faster pace in Singapore and as people are getting tech savvy, they are constantly searching for better models. A boom in the interior décor services has bought significant change in the life style and demands of the customers and this also has led to availability of great options and packages that are desirable and within budget.
Best designers and decoration services for interiors and exteriors of your homes are not hard to find. They are known to add value to your residential, official and commercial space designing and planning and bring a new excitement and fresh feel. You can ask them to gift you personalized bedrooms, a new study area, a better looking living room or specially designed and renovated old home. It is vast field brimming with innovations and explorations. Beautiful outputs can be achieved if you make good choice with the leading interior decorators in Singapore.
A well trained decorator holds deep understanding of the fundamentals and basics of this art and they can cultivate your ideas into model. Planning the area and assessing it thoroughly helps to bring perfect outputs later on. These decorators also help you to choose the right colors, textures, renovation schemes, floor plan and other factors.
For instance, dark toned walls with bright and big windows bring pleasant feel while beautifully carved doors, panes and wood or mica furniture adds trendy and elegant style to your room. Proper lighting selections as well as use of right techniques are also important to enhance the overall look of your room. Flooring forms an important part and there are numerous variants available for each sort of needs. People now days look forwards to make their place look best from top to bottom and thus, they want renovations from ceiling to floor!
While the above mentioned factors are some of the key elements of interior designing, it is the right balance of each and every element that lays the plan for improved look. Thus, homeowners need their helps to get the look. An interior decorator works independently as he has sound understanding of the technicalities and directions. Their experience helps to pack the best designs within budget and space both. So if you are planning to give a new look to your place, either consult a decorator or hire an interior decoration team for better planning and usage of space.


Renovating guide for the landed homeowners

For a large number of homeowners, landed home renovations ideas are an attractive as well as viable option. We get bombarded with numerous inspirational and successful home renovation ideas as soon as we come across the term renovations. Despite so many positive indicators for home renovations, there is a strict need of understanding that there are many critical factors that need to be considered before getting engaged in any kind of such activity. Apart from having a proper mindset as well as renovation experience to manage your home, the below given guide will help you to ace the renovation project:

  • Firstly you need to learn how to select the right and best in line home renovations contractor. The renovator must be capable of performing the essential tasks. Your renovation project must be dependent on your budget as well as needs. No need to make your decision based upon the catalogue provided by the renovators.
  • Carefully assess the skills and the competency of the contractors. Know whether they possess required tools and resources to perform the tasks required to refurbish your home and living space. Also check their track record along with working experience for specific jobs that are needed for your home improvement needs.
  • In case you are planning to sell your property then you need to scrutinize the overall condition of the real estate market and compare your property with the others. This helps to create the focus of your house renovation. If your seriously want to increase the resale value of your home then it is essential to bring the best renovation project to lure the prospective buyers to buy your property.
  • Another important factor affecting the home renovation of your project is to consider the potential value of the home renovation projects. While there are few things that can be maintained within budget if performed with wise decisions, there are many elements that require investment but promise good returns, like painting.
  • In order to enliven the overall look of your living home, you need to explore the possibilities of new furniture, new rugs, mattresses, rearrangement of bed and cabinets and a comprehensive physical makeover of the rooms.
  • Before you make your final decision about the renovation and refurbishing your home, you also need to consider the recommendations as well as insight from others. They might help you decide the acceptable limits of renovations and also provide you names that can bring bargain deals for you.
  • A professional interior and exterior decorator might appear to be a big expense at the start but with time you will realize that it is more of investment that pays well in long term. Compromising on basis of prices essentially indicates a compromise on quality as well.
  • Keep the renovation guide handy with yourself to grab the best chances and renovations. Usually people deem themselves to be an expert and often overlook factors that are important and un-ignorable. It is better to be prepared than to pay!

How to Refurbish your Old Condo?

That old saying that – Never Judge a Book by its cover- does not holds true when it comes to condominium as in these building cases, what you see is usually what you get. Though it might not be the case always, but most probably it is!

The condominium or condo books consist of some common elements like common corridors, lobby, party rooms, and basement levels and recreations facilities. Just imagine, will you buy a book if its front pages are torn, edges are fold and the entire book is unkempt. More than often you will not even give it a glance or second thought of buying and skip it! People are prone to focus on things that look new and are well polished. In order to grab the attention of owners, buyers and customers, it is important to renovate and refurbish your old condo.


Renovate and arrange to survive small kitchen- Is it Possible?

Not everyone gets a chance to cook in a gourmet kitchen and thus, it is essential to know how one can live life king size in a small kitchen. Kitchen is one of the most essential areas of your home which requires thoughtful architecture and renovations to make sure it is comfortable and convenient.

Kitchen renovations are one of the best solutions for transforming your small kitchen to a spacious room. But not all are blessed with such opportunities. Our expert renovators bring you the top 5 tips you can do to remodel and survive your small sized cooking area:


How to be a Good Neighbour while renovating your Home?

When renovating your home, it is obvious to use the power tools, building extensions and other tools that not only create noise but often become the reason of fights and dispute between you and your neighbors. Save yourself from the reno war with these easy to follow tips:


Cost effective Home remodeling- Is Reclaimed material a solution

Home Remodeling needs not to break your banks or burn your pocket if you are wise enough to choose the right service contractors and material. Home owners, who have a taste for authenticity and history, can now easily find ready classic material and fixtures for their property. Using architectural salvage and reclaimed material to add unique and interesting remodeling design to their home, one can add a touch of glamour to their old home. While in some cases it makes things look better, most of the times, the salvage and reclaimed material often brings better renovations and remodeled structures that are often unthought-of!


What Should I Use for Walls, Wallpaper or Paint?

The walls of your household have the benefit of varying and transmuting your area with the aid of paint or wallpaper.  A vivid room can promptly be created easygoing and light with the usage of fluffy light paint color. Though a room that looks too large can instantly be made cozy with shadier wallpaper with an arresting design.  There are advantages and disadvantages of expending paint or wallpaper. Issues to reflect are simplicity of use, price, and adaptability in your Singapore home renovation project.  Whichever you pick your walls will profit from the supplement of paint or wallpaper.


Can I Use all Furniture from Ikea for my New House?

IKEA is a prodigious abode for furniture that’s stress-free to gather and reasonable. What IKEA isn’t, though, is a hardware warehouse. We appreciate decent IKEA factotums as much as the following being but there are periods when IKEA is a decent abode in home furnishing Singapore for DIY plans and other whiles when it’s truly not. Here’s how I voice my opinions.

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