When renovating your home, it is obvious to use the power tools, building extensions and other tools that not only create noise but often become the reason of fights and dispute between you and your neighbors. Save yourself from the reno war with these easy to follow tips:

Common disputes

Anything that is prone to invade with the neighbor’s privacy, crosses their boundaries or is just ugly for them often becomes the cause and an issue of unsettled neighbors. There are always solutions to such problems and these hassles can be easily avoided and overcome though general talk and sorting the issues.

In case verbal negotiations don’t work then approach your local council to help you and they might help to settle the feud.

  • Keep your neighbors informed about your plans of rebuilding or renovating your home before you start building.
  • Building regulations also provide protection to your neighbor properties while your work is under way.
  • Renovations are usually noisy and labor intensive process and thus, it is always better to start them early but keep your noise regulated. Stop the noisy works as soon as the dawn breaks.
  • Backyard boundaries often become a cause of fights between neighboring friends. Mostly it happens that some homeowners try to get the most out of the space, literally pushing the boundaries of their property to their partners. It is important to get your legal boundaries marked before starting any exterior renovations.
  • If you are making some renovations within meter of their boundary then you need to follow extra regulations like fire resistant walls, protecting the neighbors from dangers and debris, privacy issues and others.
  • Privacy is yet another perspective to your renovations fights. None of the neighbors like Peeping toms and they usually get annoyed if your balcony with a view includes view form their pool or park.
  • One of the most important common issues privacy and the solution to such problems is to avoid anything or any renovation that you might not had liked on your part as well
  • Neighborhood ‘dust-up’ like lead paints, sanders, and asbestos often create clouds of dust and also create patches of dirt all over their homes and gardens. In case your renovations include any of these tasks or dusting that poses health hazards then it is your core responsibility to protect yourself, their family and your family.
  • Seek advice from safety contractors in case of serious hazards and you can also try using plastic sheets on the outside ground to seal your doors, vents, and doors. Seal all your rugs, mat and curtains to keep them from damage and dust.
  • Clean up the work site each day and avoid dry sweeping. Wash the plastic sheeting on daily basis to avoid respiration problems.
  • Clearly label lead waste or other hazardous materials and dispose them at approved waste facility.
  • Remove the contaminated clothes and dispose-off the asbestos with safe procedures.