Renovations are not inexpensive and if you have a fortune of cash available, most possibly you have to go to a home renovation loan to fund your rehab plan. As a consequence, one of the most vital points that you must be acquainted with is that there is a catalog of standards to undergo before you are even qualified to join for a home renovation loan Singapore.

Suitability in lieu of a Home Renovation Loan

  • You have to be the proprietor of the land to be repaired;
  • You have to either be one of a Singapore Inhabitants, or Singapore Permanent Citizens;
  • You have to be amid the eons of 21 and 55 ages. In certain banks, it is a top figure 60 years of age on the period the loan develops;
  • For solo home renovation loan Singapore request, the candidate has to have yearly revenue of S$36,000. For some banks, a least yearly pay of more than S$24,000 or S$30,000 and overhead is required.
  • For combined loan request, the chief candidate’s yearly revenue should be S$24,000 or beyond, and the combined candidate should be linked.
  • Your credit total must be decent.

You also should be careful that the renovation loan cannot be expended to include home equipping like buying of home fixtures, drapes and home electrical machines and any other reason apart from home recovery functions.

Renovation Loan can be expended for

  • Wall coating, floor covering and slating.
  • Electrical and cabling functions.
  • Woodworking such as pantry and chamber cupboards and closets.
  • Even functions to the outside composites such as top, barriers and further.


Additional Welfare or Advertising Plans from the Banks

Some Banks Bid

  • Free personal accident insurance on the chief debtor.
  • Equipping loan for their restoration loan clienteles.
  • Interest rate: 6.5%p.a. for 1st year, 7% p.a. for 2nd to 5th year.
  • Furnishing home renovation loan: 4 X of monthly income of main applicant or $20,000, whichever is lower.
  • Free handouts as one of the method to entice clienteles.


Guides from the Financier from the Credit Section

Each separate case varies from each other. Proprietors must only join for the payment set that they are happy with, in the event they want cash for difficulty uses and are powerless to pay, directing to extra belated sum. Upon home renovation loan agreement, bankers’ command “to be funded to the supplier’s company” must be handed to home landlords first, so they will hand it to the services individually.

Our Special Guidance

  • Grab flat rate, since you want your monetary rank to be foreseeable all the time.
  • Divide the loan quantity into 3 checks, so that you would just offer your cash to the Interior Designer built on work development.
  • This would also help to defend your own self from rip-offs. An extra cost of $10 on every check is worth it.
  • If you want more loans and together your revenue and your husband’s pay can support it, you can divide the request. For example the entire repair fee is $50,000, husband puts on $25,000 and wife puts in $25,000 loan. Motive is since there is a $30,000 loan sum limit for each submission.
  • Acquire the loan time that you are contented with. Expend the once-a-month loan payment as a manual.
  • At all times make certain that you can deal the payment on time horn of any late fine.