That old saying that – Never Judge a Book by its cover- does not holds true when it comes to condominium as in these building cases, what you see is usually what you get. Though it might not be the case always, but most probably it is!

The condominium or condo books consist of some common elements like common corridors, lobby, party rooms, and basement levels and recreations facilities. Just imagine, will you buy a book if its front pages are torn, edges are fold and the entire book is unkempt. More than often you will not even give it a glance or second thought of buying and skip it! People are prone to focus on things that look new and are well polished. In order to grab the attention of owners, buyers and customers, it is important to renovate and refurbish your old condo.

Renovating your condo is much different than renovating your home as the building and the structure is more complex than typical homes and while you renovate it by DIY methods, most probably you will face challenges. The truth is that the process requires a great deal of planning. Condo Corporations usually have their own regulations and rules for renovations and they require the owners to get it refurbished. Moreover, the corporations also dictate the material which should be used, management approval and other important considerations. Here are some ways to do it with reason on why it is much needed:

Renovate the condo to stay competitive

A new and updated look gives a fresh touch to your old condominiums and they will look like new once again. In a condo, lobby makes the first statement and defines the distinguishing points of one building from other. Your lobby should be unique, uses quality material and speaks volume in terms of craftsmanship. Try covering your walls with classy lines rather than heavy designs to make the space look bigger.

Add lighting designs, accented colored mats and tiles, beautiful rugs and carpets to welcome visitors.

The corridor should also work with your lobby as it serves as a walkup from the front’s entrance.  It must necessarily lend a curb appeal as well as the colors used must be soothing. If you have brightly colored lobby then chance the tone to neutral earth shade. It goes well with vibrant carpet and also brings a dramatic light with the upgrade.

If you have decided to take on refurbishment project for your condo then ask the designers to give aesthetic pleasant appeal. It increases the resale value and consequently also influences the mood of buyers and owners. Whether you have decided to replace the carpet or upgrade lighting, or thought of painting the walls or increasing the accessibility, each and every module of your condominium brings new perspective for investors, owners and visibility factor.

Make your old building look like new with small investment and choose condo designers and decorators for best results.