Not everyone gets a chance to cook in a gourmet kitchen and thus, it is essential to know how one can live life king size in a small kitchen. Kitchen is one of the most essential areas of your home which requires thoughtful architecture and renovations to make sure it is comfortable and convenient.

Kitchen renovations are one of the best solutions for transforming your small kitchen to a spacious room. But not all are blessed with such opportunities. Our expert renovators bring you the top 5 tips you can do to remodel and survive your small sized cooking area:

Appliance Choice

Appliances are special elements of your kitchen and you need to keep their size in mind while choosing. Keep those appliances away that are used in weeks or month. Reevaluate your need for food processor, ice cream machine, blender, juicer and so many other gadgets that you bought with excitement but chose to store on side. It might be right time to cut their number.

Small Kitchens do not have scope for dishwasher and hand washer. Free up the space with small sized refrigerators and save your bucks on food wastage simultaneously.

Group your goods as per their functionality

In a small kitchen, everything tends to feel like within your arm’s reach. Cooking will be easier and enjoyable as you keep them together. Keep the spices together, hang knives and spoons together. Cleaning supplies should have their own corners and the pots and pans need to be placed near the stove. Grouping will make the use of space more efficient as well as you need to search for various items.

Maximize your wall space

Since that you are having small floor space, it means you need to cross off your storage ideas and bring portable stuff as much as possible. Another interesting idea is to make use of the wall space in best ways like:

  • Installing magnet strips to hang the knives and forks
  • Add Open shelves that provide space without making your space look smaller
  • You can try hanging pots and pans
  • Use stack storage as much as possible

Invest in a burner cover

Burner covers and sink boards are excellent utility items if you are often involved in multi step cooking. It will keep you off from frustrations of not having enough space to keep preps, ingredients and veggies on side as your fry others. While there might not be complete solution available for the same yet making an investment in the counter tops and sink over, over sink cutting boards are great ideas. They are affordable and can provide you temporary space into a de facto countertop or slab.

You just need to be creative to transform your cooking into a fun experience despite of the small space. Use these tips and start to transform your small sized kitchen into a delightful working space for daily life.

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